A Cloud based eProcurement and Supply Chain Management solution supporting end-to-end B2B & B2C operations.
Cloud based, intuitive Marine Management software offering modules like Crew Management, Rest Hours, Vetting Management etc.
If your need is to develop Networked, MMO Games (and others) you might want to consider our GameHub option.
Innovative Insurance platform covering insurances in both Intranet and Extranet installations that supports Direct, eService, eBroker / eAgent & Actuarial functionalities.


Our Service Provisioning Platform which digitally enables your business. A set of highly configurable modules like CRM, Business Intelligenece, Workflow Management, CMS, Document Management, Call Center Support etc are aiming to help you fully digitize your business.

The Javaca Platform

Javaca Platform is the core of our technology foundation and is used on most of our deliverables. It is based on Application Server Technologies which comprise from a set of Open Source technologies and Open Standards. Offers an impressive blend of technologies with the significant benefit of rapid development.

It incorporates most of the best practices in Software Development and Design Patterns. Proven through numerous successful implementations, since most of our implementations (projects and products) are based on this platform, it can be a significant assistant and base for large scale projects.

The Javaca platform can be used to extremely wide range of applications and problems, just to name a few Web Apps, EAI, SOA, Reactive Development, MicroServices, Document Management, Process Engineering and many more.

See our portfolio for recent work based on DigiCanvas and Javaca.

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