Process is an integral part of organisations. One of the main viewpoints of modern organisational is the Process one, other bing Team Collaboration and Data Centric. Hence one of the main areas of concentration is the modelling of those processing, engineering and reengineering

Workflow Management Systems play an important role on this since they offer the best way to automate and monitor business process. Other terms are Business Process Automation System, Task Orchestration Systems etc.

Organizations making an investment in workflow software want to be sure that their investment is going to be protected. With standards users can have confidence that essential criteria will be met, hence reducing the risk involved. There are numerous standards for systems, just to mention a few BPMN, BPEL, XPDL and others, BPMN II being probably the most popular one.

You can find here a good online reference of the standard

Towards this effort we offer a number of services for helping you to materialise process automation in your business environment:

  • Business Process Analysis.
  • Process Re-Engineering.
  • Process Automation using either any third party system or making use of our solution (DigiCanvas Process)
  • Document Management
  • BAM Consulting for business process monitoring, performance and analytics

We have a vast experience in such implementation ranging from consulting services to large scale operations and by implementing our own solution (DigiCanvas Process)